We are a non-profit organization created to fund, build & support outdoor interactive, physical environments that encourage movement, play, and joy!

Our first project is Lynne’s Playground, built to honor Lynne Purple Baker, our wife, mom, and friend, opens July 1, 2022. The Playground serves as a memorial to Lynne’s incredible spirit!

Lynne’s Playground Opens!

Our inaugural project as Fit Play Parks opened July 1, 2022, at Armbrook Village, an assisted living community, in Westfield MA.

Imagine a beautiful place designed for our senior adult population to exercise, socialize and play. A wellness playground for adults suited just for them!

FitPlayParks will help lead the fundraising, development and installation of the most practical, beautiful, and forever adult wellness play parks. Our concept is adaptable and will add value to any community. Suited for individual memorials, municipalities, corporations and more!