Why FitPlayParks

Play and movement benefit the mind, body and spirit while providing refuge from some of the degenerative processes that burden us as we age. Our parks provide the venue for the refuge and the tools to move!

Watching our wife, mom, and friend Lynne battle dementia was hard, but it also taught us some things. We came to believe that our human development comes full circle.

FitPlayParks Woman Laughing on Swing


FitPlayParks target the therapeutic exercises most important for the ability of elders to stay actively engaged daily.

An abundance of studies confirm that regular exercise helps to:

• Prevent falls and fractures
• Reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease, and some cancers
• Lessen cognitive decline
• Control obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure
• Extending range of motion
• Improving balance
• Promoting cardiovascular health
• Building muscle strength
• Enhancing fine motor coordination


The numerous benefits of physical exercise and social interaction are multiplied and deepened by providing such opportunities in a playful, lighthearted setting.

Playing relieves stress and improves mood.

By designing the whole experience to be enjoyable and playful, elders will visit, participate, and return, often inviting friends and family.

FitPlayParks Woman On Outdoor Play Equipment
FitPlayParks Three Men Socializing Outdoors


Social activity promotes wellness, confidence, and joy. It wards off social isolation, which can lead to loneliness and depression. FitPlayParks encourage senior adults to interact and engage with one another.

• Safe, attractive, and peaceful gardens,
• Shelters, conversational seating nooks, wide walking paths
• Activity equipment designed for face-to-face usage
• Games like chess, cards, bocce, and ping-pong
• Spaces for yoga and tai chi