Our Story

FitPlayParks was born as a tribute.

Like so many families, we watched our family change as Lynne Purple Baker, our wife, mom, and friend did. The daily things became challenges, we had to plan for care, we had to plan for a change.

Change meant treatments, care, and stimulation that was meaningful for all of us. Play became essential. We played to keep Mom moving in both mind and body. We quickly realized this was a way for us all to continue to relate to one another, share our feelings and stay connected through a very trying time.

At our core, we are creatures that enjoy movement and play for the psyche and the body. We wanted to build a place to practice the movement skills and the sensation of play with those of like mind and circumstance.

FitPlayParks are places where feeling the body move and play is a joy!


Founder/President: John (Jack) W. Baker II, Ph.D.
Vice President/Treasurer: Karen Pinkham
Secretary: Susan O’Donnell